PCB Manufacture Process

To help you understand what takes place between placing an order for custom Printed Circuit Board products and having your boards delivered, we’ve put together this information on the PCB Manufacturing Process we use at Synergy Electronics…

Once you’ve contacted us to order your Printed Circuit Board, our production engineering team analyse the data required to custom manufacture to your specific requirements.

In order to ensure PCB production meets your specifications, we create a job card with your manufacturing data, required at every stage of the PCB fabrication process.

Below is an example of a typical 4-layer multi-layer data required… though Synergy Electronics offer a range of PCB finishes and specifications to adhere to your requirements.

Layer 4 layer
Quantity  512pcs
Production Panel Size  450 x 650mm
 Production Panel Quantity 32
 Unit Size 90 x 150mm
 Panel Size 300 200mm
 Boards Per Panel 4
 Material FR4 High TG=170 - S1170 
 PCB Thickness 1.6mm
 Copper Foil 18um Copper
 Pre-Preg 7628HR RC: 47% 0.21mm 
 Core 1.0mm 35/35um Copper 
 Solder Mask Colour Blue 
 Component Legend Colour Yellow 
 Surface Finish Immersion Gold – ENIG 2-3u” 
 Profiling Panel route with break tabs 

The data break-down is passed right along the production line to ensure that the operators at each stage of the PCB manufacturing process assume the precise finishes... as PCB fabrication generally involves many small processes.

Standard 4-Layer PCB Production Process

PCB Production Procedure

The Printed Circuit Boards are then clarified with deionised water before the final quality assurances takes place. The final products are then packed and dispatched to the requested delivery address.

For further information or enquiries regarding PCB Manufacturing, contact the experts at Synergy Electronics today.

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